1. Shoe Bomb Intro ft. Huggie Brown

by Tucker Booth and Helias

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    Conceived in 2005 these beats by Helias (aka Michael Schaefermeyer, R.I.P.) were supposed to be the original backdrop for 'Ex Boyfriend' an album not-so-loosely based on our recent break ups with our respective squeezes. Later, after a string of cop outs and near miss recording sessions I drunk dialed him one night and gave him a piece of my mind for 'hijacking my album.' Helias then proceeded to pull the plug on our project, give the beats away to my competitors, and declare Ex Boyfriend dead.

    About a month later Helias had a major computer meltdown and managed to lose all the wav files to the songs he had given away. He then went and ate the requisite amount of humble pie that accompanies telling everyone that the beats they had been given were unusable because there were no files to master them with.

    In the interim 932 producer/dj Splitface and I made the Ex Boyfriend album with beats Split made as an ode to the lost project. They can be listened to and purchased at www.tuckerbooth.bandcamp.com

    The Boyfriend beats were officially declared dead in 2006 and remained so until 2009 when J-Toth uncovered a long forgotten spool of wav file cds that included an early burn of what were now being called 'The Ex Files.' Much rejoicing ensued from St. Louis to Redondo Beach.

    In essence this is the sequel to Ex Boyfriend featuring the beats which originally inspired the album. Hence the sequel is the prequel.

    Sadly Helias passed away last May at age 31. ExFiles is made to honor Helias and the original Ex Boyfriend project we never got make long ago.
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released November 30, 2010
The Ex Files, written by Tucker Booth and Jonathan Toth from Hoth, Beats by Helias, Recorded and Arranged by J-Toth at The Cooler in St. Louis, MO for TheFrozenFoodSection.com.



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